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Whether you are leaning toward new homes, foreclosed homes in Rogersville or listed properties, the Bank of America Real Estate Center is a great place to conduct your search. Before you settle on any property, you want to be confident you are on the right path to homeownership. A Bank of America mortgage loan officer and an experienced real estate agent can help guide you. Before you consider a foreclosed property, make sure you understand what makes buying a foreclosed property different from a traditional home purchase. Once you are ready, start your search for foreclosed homes in Rogersville here.

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How to Report Property Conditions:
We are committed to preserving neighborhoods and Bank of America serviced properties. Please contact us if you know of a Bank of America serviced property in need of maintenance or to report other property conditions: 1.877.340.5909 (Monitored 24 hours/day, 7 days/week)
How to Report Other Issues:
To report other concerns with Bank of America properties, please contact: Bank of America REO Customer Care at 1.866.781.0029 (Monday-Friday 8:00am EST – 10:00pm EST, Saturday, 11:00am EST – 4:00pm EST, Sunday – Closed)
TIP: "Foreclosures" are also known as real estate owned, REO or foreclosure listings.